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Traffic story

I was riding my bicycle

when I saw a woman lying down.

We fooled around

until she was ready.

People said our relationship sparked.

We played soccer on the beach.

Then we took a taxi.

First she opened one leg,

then the other.

I put it in.

She complimented me on my size

and weight,

after a lot of coming and going.

We tried different styles

and speeds.

When I reached the point of no return,

she shouted STOP!

She said she wasn't on the pill.

My excitement died.

9 month later she phoned

from the hospital.

I was a father.

My world collapsed.

I now walk.

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One day, he was walking.

He saw a woman sleeping.

He felt desire burning inside him,

his adrenaline started pumping.

He took the plunge.

He invited her to a coffee,

then to the restaurant.

They went on a trip.

They did different activities.

He took her to his house.

She told him, she was on the pill

and she laid down on the bed.

She spread one leg,

then the other,

then both.

He reaction was immediate.

He penetrated her.

He went in and out,

he discovered that she wasn't a virgin.

He suggested some other positions.

She refuses,

but she asked him to go faster.

She made comments on his equipment.

When she saw all the colors of the rainbow,

she shouted STOP!

She hadn't told him the truth:

She wasn't on the pill.

But he lost his self-control

and reached the point of no return.

She called him 9 month later

from the hospital.

He had 2 children!

His world crumbled,

he want to die.

The morale:

For not making a woman pregnant,

wear protection.

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